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The Go Ballistic Network is a group of 800+ leisure & activity website directories, that allow customers to easily find venues using location, price and activity filters.

With 3000+ venues on the network, we apply our marketing expertise and extensive knowledge of the activity industry to send thousands of people each year on their own little adrenaline rush.

Go Ballistic features prominently on the major search engines meaning all venues are given maximum exposure for their activity & location not just with the wider public but also Corporate, Schools & Bachelor Parties to Gift Certificates. We also work with marketing agencies, running national promotions, exclusively using our networks for their promotions.

With over 15 years experience in adrenalin sports activities, Go Ballistic has grown from running team building activities in the UK, to the present day as being the worlds largest & most successful activities network.

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Due to demand & upcoming international marketing opportunities we are looking for quality activity venues in your area. We want to offer you the opportunity to be part of our expansion & benefit just as our current network members have... How does it work? »

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a selection of our websites:

How It Works Your Bookings

John Rodgers

John wants to take a group of friends out.

Customers view our websites & select a venue they would like to visit. Your contact details will be on the sites so the customer will call you directly to choose a date & time as well as making a payment.

John finds one of our sites while searching for a location close to his Zip Code in Google.

John checks through our listings to find a suitable venue that matches his needs.

After viewing your venue directory page, he decides your venue to be the closest and offering the best packages.

John finds your contact details on your venue page & gives you a call to check availability & make a booking.

List Your VENUE no costs, no fees

Vouchers and Bookings - How it Works

Pam White

Pam received a Go Ballistic Gift Voucher from her father John Rodgers. She wants to take her son's karting.

Once you accept one of our vouchers you will receive the full face value of each voucher less $8.

After checking our listings, Pam decides you are the venue she'd like to visit. She gives you a call to check availability & make a booking

Upon receiving the voucher, you input the voucher reference into our system to confirm verification. The voucher is not out of date & there are sufficient funds available to confirm her booking.

You confirm Pam's booking, scheduling her event. Within days Go Ballistic pays you the value of voucher minus $8.

List Your VENUE no costs, no fees

Becoming A Member The Benefits

Advertising with no cost - your venue will be exposed to a much wider market. From closed user groups to 3rd party promotions and corporate incentives to school groups. There is no charge to be on any one of our websites.

  • Increased exposure across the websites will raise awareness of your venue & in turn introduce many novices to Karting.
  • Increased marketing and vouchers add to footfall, in doing so they also increase general spend in your venue including refreshments, arcades, other activities etc.
  • You can decide when to accept bookings and vouchers. With your direct contact details live on our websites all customers are informed to call you to check availability for normal bookings and vouchers, you can then guide them to your quieter periods.
  • Customers with vouchers come through your door having already paid, they also bring friends and family who haven't. Vouchers on average generate income four times their face value in the form of accompanying guests.


  • "Listing my venue on the GB network has been a great decision. I can rely on my listing generating new customers."

    Paul Allen, Raceway Karting

  • "With the extra customers coming through the doors, I'm able to fill up the off peak sessions that usually run under capacity."

    Timothy Bryce, Ultimate Karting

  • "Setup was straight forward and I've definitely seen an increase in customers. I can't say no to free advertising!"

    Craig McDermott, Mega Karting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost to have my venue listed on the network?

There is no cost. No cost to list the venue. No subscription cost. No split on bookings. No membership fees. Your details appear on our websites free of charge.

Q. How do you make any money if the venue listings are free?

We sell gift certificates that are valid for all the venues and activities that are on our networks. If a customer decides to redeem the certificate at your venue we will then pay you directly for that certificate, the value of the certificate less $8

Q. So you keep $8 from gift certificates that you sell?

The gift certificates that we sell are valid for all the venues, across our networks, so not for any specific venue. When a customer purchases a certificate we let them know what venues they can use them at. It is up to the customer where they want to go to redeem it. If a customer decides to go to you and they redeem a $50 certificate with you. We will send you $42.00.

Q. How do I get the money from the gift certificate and how long does it take?

Once you have accepted a certificate, just take the reference number and let us know that you have accepted it. We will then forward the payment as a wire to your bank account. You will receive the money in a matter of days.

Q. What are the benefits of listing my venue?

As it is a completely free thing to do, why not? You gain extra exposure for your venue and activity. More customers coming through your door, paying you directly, without the advertising costs. Even when you redeem a certificate, the customer will no doubt be bringing some extra people with them. These extra people will pay you directly.

Q. How will I know the certificate is valid?

We will send you a sample copy of the certificate so you know what to expect. All certificates have a value and an expiry date on them.

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